The Neilson family says #Nottoday to Childhood Cancer!


Our story is not much different that others that have suffered the same. Although I am thoroughly convinced that it is because of our decisions we have chosen to make, is the reason we are persevering this treacherous terrain with vigor in our step. 

Our story is one of heartbreak for our youngest son, Everett, who at the tender age of 5 months was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of Neuroblastoma. The tumors had grown so rapidly and spread through his body, that we were fearful that we could lose him at any moment. 

This event in our life was completely unexpected, and it blindsided us like a freight train to a small passenger car.  We had to ask ourselves how could this happen? Why to such a small young previously health child? We still do not know those answers but we are beginning to see the larger picture behind all the madness of childhood cancer.

We are given choices to make every day, and while we have events, people, or thoughts that influence us on those decisions, ultimately it is us as individuals who will carry out the protocol and make the decision. We can blame others, God, or something for the things that happen to us, or we can simply own up to what our situations are and realize that there are some things that are just not in our control.  

My family never asked for this, but we collectively made a decision to stay positive, to look for the good in every situation and remember that there are some things that we cannot control, and not to worry about that but to only worry about what we can control. 

I promise that those who can follow this in their life, regardless of the situation they are in will find peace. You will also grow and learn more about yourself than you ever imagined, and you will find a power within that you never knew existed. 

I hope that anyone who is struggling knows that my heart goes out to you, and that I say to those, keep your head high and stay the course, things will get better.

⁃ Peter Neilson & Family